Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ridgebound?


Ridgebound Is a collection of Western Era characters that are traded using crypto currency. These collectibles are each one of a kind, hand drawn and are created by a small team in Northern California.


By supporting Ridgebound, you are supporting a community of explorers in this new era. As the old west was a boundless exploration, as is the potential for Ridgebound to grow in the Blockchain Metaverse.


Will there be any NFT assets or value besides the 1/1 rarity of the collectibles? 


The current focus for Ridgebound is to release all original 4,200 character NFTs in four seasons. Once all 4,200 are sold, the “Life on the Ridge Contest” will begin. We hope to provide a contest which rewards collectors with hiking gear, hiking passes, NFTs, cryptocurrency & a grand prize trip to the California Gold Country. 

Although the Ridgebound Collectibles will be limited to 4,200, alternate Ridgebound Characters, Ridgebound Vessels, Vehicles and Property assets are a big possibility with growth into metaverse gameworlds. Our creators have huge interest in virtual worlds and other NFT assets/uses. Read more about our Sandbox Game development goals below in our Roadmap.

What is the “Life on the Ridge” contest?


The “Life on the Ridge Contest” is a way to give every NFT owner an opportunity to experience life as a true Bounder. Contest details to be announced after NFTs are distributed.


How many Collectibles are there?

There are 4,200 total in existence which will be released over the course of four “Seasons.”

What are Seasons?

Seasons represent a release of 1,050 Rare, High Value and Standard Collectibles. Each Season will be released on 

Seasons also represent the “edition” of the Collectible. Standard Collectibles from early seasons hold higher value than those from later seasons. 

What are the types of Collectibles? Standard, HVS and Rare?


Standard Collectibles


Standard Collectibles are NFTs that act as regular townsfolk of Ridgebound. They have standard clothing, accessories, & features. Although Standard Collectibles are high in number, having a low or special number NFT can raise its value. These are a great economic option for collectors.


High Value Standard (HVS) Collectables


High Value Standard (HVS) Collectables are NFTs that have specialty statuses in Ridgebound. They have more colorful clothing, accessories, & features. They also do not wear standard cowboy hats, but wear specialty Outlaw, Bonnets, Top Hats & Fancy Feathers. High Value Standards are a vibrant, solid option for collectors.


Rare Collectibles


Rare Collectables are premium NFTs that are limited in number. These Collectibles have more intricate clothing, wear all types of hats and more unique accessories than the Standard Collectibles. These NFTS only wear hats made out of gold and crystal. For NFT Enthusiasts, Rare collectibles are specialty crafted for you.

What is the snake club?


The Snake Club works as a not so secret society within Ridgebound. These are limited to 100 Snake Wranglers in the 4,200 collectibles. These NFT Collectors will be rewarded with free NFT assets, prizes and events. 


Snake Wranglers can be found within the HVS and Rare value collectible groups. 


For HVS, snakes can be found in these colors:


  • Grey & Red

  • Grey & Yellow

  • Grey & Green


For Rare, snakes can be found in:


  • Gold

  • Crystal

  • Amethyst


Can You Explain The GIF Format & Color Changing Backgrounds? 


Ridgebound uses a GIF format image for the NFT collection solely for a layer of authenticity. These backgrounds change slightly, resembling a cloud rolling along and blocking the sun..


The backgrounds will have a different color theme per season of release. This allows collectors to know if it was released within the First, Second, Third or Fourth season. 


What are the features for the Ridgebound Characters?


Ridgebound characters have varying accessories, colors, features & backgrounds based upon the rarity of the collective.


Background Image is the primary identifier for the value of the NFT. The secondary identifier would be the hat style. This is mostly to identify status between Standard and High Value Standard NFTs. Rare NFT’s can wear gold & crystal hats even if they are the same style as standards.


Standard Collectables have more neutral color schemes for clothing & basic accessories available. These collectibles are plentiful and economic. These all are issued with a wheat field background.


  • Standards Hold 1 Grand Prize Contest Entry Value


HVS Collectibles have more colorful clothing and more valuable accessories (such as a Top Hat and Bolo Tie.) These all are issued with a Wood Barrel background.


  • HVS Hold 2 Grand Prize Contest Entry Value

  • HVS Snake Wranglers Hold 3 Grand Prize Contest Entry Value


Rare Collectibles have luxurious hats, either Gold or Crystal.  They wear extremely valuable accessories & can possess extremely rare snakes. These all are issued with a Canyon Rock background.


  • Rare Gold Hats Hold 4 Grand Prize Contest Entry Value

  • Rare Gold Hats Snake Wranglers Hold 5 Grand Prize Contest Entry Value

  • Rare Crystal Hats Hold 8 Grand Prize Contest Entry Value

  • Rare Crystal Hats Snake Wranglers Hold 10 Grand Prize Contest Entry Value



What are the Technical Specs for the NFT Collectibles?


Our NFTs are 900x1200 GIF format images


What is the Ridgebound Project Phases of Progress?


Phase 1- Distribution of Character Assets


Phase 1 will focus on the introduction, distribution & growth phase of Ridgebound. This will allow us to create a fun environment of collectors and enthusiasts to pave way for future development. All 4,200 NFTs will be released at the end of Phase 1, followed by our grand prize giveaway & charitable donations.


Phase 1 will Run from Summer 2021 to Summer 2022


Phase 2- Social Engagement & Game World Development (after Roadmap Milestones are met)


Ridgebound is passionate to provide a unique community of western themed crypto enthusiasts, and we plan to do so digitally and physically. Developing our virtual presence in the metaverse via game worlds will be a major focus point of phase 2. We also would love to have a traveling pop up event for Ridgebound members throughout your United States. Campouts, day hikes & nature retreats are a plan for our roadmap.


Phase 2 will occur from Summer 2022 to Summer 2023


Phase 3 - Game World Launch


Phase 3 will focus on the launching of the Ridgebound land on The Sandbox Game. This parcel of land will create a social world for members to collaborate, attend parties and enjoy The Ridge.


Phase 3 will occur in 2023.


Phase 4 - Continuation Projects & Lifelong Membership Values


At Ridgebound, our dream would be to continue the journey into the crypto metaverse beyond our character release project. Vessels and vehicles, homesteads and houses, businesses and hideouts would be a dream to create. If we reach a point of success, Phase 4 will bring forth many more assets with special rewards for original members.


Our future business partnership incentives unrelated to Ridgebound plan to also rearward original members with exclusive offers and content. The Ridge is only the beginning, there are many other themed worlds that our Bounders can venture and create. 

What Charities do you plan on donating towards?

We would like to give our community members the ability to choose which donations we make when we hit our roadmap milestones. We will have two rounds of donations, one to a trail preservation group and one to an indigenous community group. We will have our community vote on Discord to choose the Charities.

Round 1- Trail Preservation Groups

*Arnold Rim Trail Association -

*Bear Yuba Land Trust -

*Protect Our Mountains -

Round 2- Indigenous Community Groups

*We Are Navajo -

*The Hopi Foundation -

*Warrior Women Project -