welcome to the Ridge 

Greetings traveler, welcome to Ridgebound. This little slice of heaven is a metaverse western paridise. Our values are based upon exploration and personal discovery. As people headed west in search of fortune, as are we while we head into this new era of crypto. 


Feel free to stick around a while, find yourself a Bounder to claim as your own, and be a part of our little Ridge. Each Bounder acts as membership to a hiking club!


We here are a small community but full of heart. We’re 4,200 NFT men & women just lookin to find a good partner out on this Ridge. Some of us wear simple clothes, some of us are full of riches. But we all got character and we’re here on this ol’ blockchain for the long haul. 


Feel free to visit us over on Instagram, Twitter or spark up a conversation on Discord. 


Best of wishes,


-Bounder #1

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0% Release NFTs including Unlockable Content. Giving away 50 NFT’s during our Pre-Sale Event.


10% Give Away Five $100 Gift-Cards to REI


20% Give Away 5 National Parks Passes


30% Give Away 10 Personal Bounder Canvases


40% Ridgebound Hiking Club - First Community Campout


50% Community Vote for First Round of Charitable Donation


60% Begin Sandbox Game Development. 


70% Ridgebound Hiking Club - Second Community Campout


80% Life on The Ridge Contest. 1 Lucky Bounder Gets a Trip to the                California Gold Country


90% We Buy The Ridgebound Trailer and Take It Around The USA                Having Ridgebound Pop Up Events


100% Community Vote for Second Round of Charitable Donation


ABOUT RIDgebound

Ridgebound was created by a n individual artist located in the Sierra Foothills of Northern California. Our lives here have been enriched with history and the towns we grew up in are dated with hundreds of years of stories. We not only have learned in school about the Gold Rush revolution of the Mid 1800s, but also have seen first hand the Technology Revolution of the Early 2000's. 


The lessons of hard work, luck, fortune and hardship have resonated within the Cryptocurrency Revolution happening now. Ridgebound is a tribute to digital art collections minted as NFTs and symbolism of the old west. 


Ridgebound values diversity, individualism and community, which we have strives to express in our collection. With diverse colors and assortments of characters, we have carefully crafted our collection without dominance, harmful material and portrayals of negativity. 


Our characters are created in 2D with vibrant, realistic color changing GIF backgrounds. The art style is supposed to be clunky, weird, but warm and welcoming. 


Our overall project goal is to release 4,200 NFT characters as avatars representing a virtual community of explorers. These avatars will act as membership to a hiking group and many more incentives. We wish to bring prizes, fortunes and experiences for the 4,200 members such as virtual metaverse world experiences, live event exclusive access, promotional art material & memorabilia.



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